How to complete the Bibliographic Production of the Lattes curriculum?

Today we bring here tips on how to fill in the tab “bibliographic production”. Since filling in the Lattes curriculum always raises many questions, and is not very intuitive or buy essays online for college.

In bibliographic production you group all the information referring to what is produced and published.

So let’s go!

Whenever you want to include a new item in any of the bibliographic production categories, just click the “new item” button.

To make a change to an already included article, just click on the article number (on the left side of the title) and proceed to editing.

But what to put in each item of the bibliographic production?

Complete articles published in periodicals

In this session you place the complete articles already published.

That is, those who are already in the scientific journals in circulation.

Articles accepted for publication

Here you put the articles that were accepted, have already gone through the evaluation process but have not yet been published in the journal.

Books and chapters

Here you include information about books or book chapters you have written.

To add a new book or chapter from a book simply point the mouse pointer to Add a new item and select the type of material to include.

In the next window just fill in information regarding the item.

Remembering what book is for when you write the whole book.

And book chapter are texts that participate in the book that someone organizes.

Newspaper or magazine text

In this item you place any publication written in technical-scientific journals or specialized news newspapers.

Such as scripts, essays, stories, reports, reports, testimonies, interviews, chronicles, short stories, poems and the like.

Papers published in annals of events

In this tab you place all the works published in participations in events.

That is, here you place the works “Completos”, “Abstracts” or “Abstracts Abstracts” that are published in proceedings.

Whether they are published on print or digital media.

Remember that participation in the event itself, for example, a poster, an oral communication or a panel should also be included in the “Participation in events, congresses, exhibitions, fairs and olympics” section.

Presentation of work and lecture

Here you present work presentations that are not necessarily linked to an event.

That is, here you present lectures, lectures, seminars and other academic presentations.

Musical score

Include here your published scores, resulting from composition, arrangement, transcription or otherwise.

In this case it is also necessary to include in the tab “Productions”> Other artistic / cultural production> Music.

You can enter information about your handwritten scores as long as the work has been premiered.


Include here the data of books, articles and other productions that you have translated and published.

Preface, afterword

Include here the prefaces, postfaces, presentations or introductions of scientific journals or published books.

Recalling that a Preface is a text of openness, clarification and / or justification written by the author of the book in which it is inserted.

And a Postface consists of a text at the end of a book, written by the author or by someone else.

In addition, editorials of scientific journals and textbooks of books should appear as text of presentation of these publications.

And therefore also included in this tab.

Other bibliographic production

Here you can include any other bibliographic production that does not fit the previous options, and that is not technical.

For example, here are articles published in non-ISSN journals.