What are the differences between monograph, dissertation and thesis

Many people confuse the terms monograph, dissertation, and thesis. However, these errors are not limited only to the meaning of the terms, much less to people who are not connected to the academic field.

It is possible to find, in some graduate programs, doctoral students defending dissertations and calling them theses, which is something very serious.

An academic work is the document that represents the result of online essay writer a study, and must express knowledge of the chosen subject, which must be mandatorily emanated from the discipline, module, independent study, course, program and other lecturers

A dissertation is not a lower quality or shallower thesis. Likewise, a thesis is not a dissertation with more pages or a set of dissertations in a single paper. The fundamental difference is not the number of pages.

It’s originality.

What is a monographic work?

The monographic works or monographs are the product of readings, observations, investigations, reflections and critiques developed in undergraduate and postgraduate courses

Therefore, all academic papers are monographic.

Among the most common monographic works, the ones required to obtain degrees, such as the master’s dissertation and the doctoral thesis, stand out.

For the completion of specialization courses, or even undergraduate courses, it is common to present academic papers called simply monographs. Also considered as monograph is the writing of memorial, required for the progression of the teaching career.


The monograph is an academic work Lato sensu that aims at the reflection on a specific theme or problem and that results from a systematic research process.

The monographs deal with circumscribed themes, with an approach that implies analysis, criticism, reflection and deepening on the part of the author.

However, it must be remembered that, although this terminology is consecrated, this denomination is not very adequate, since all academic works have as main characteristic are monographic works.


The dissertation is an academic work Stricto sensu that is aimed at obtaining the master’s academic degree.

Dissertation projects need not necessarily address unpublished themes and / or methods. The master’s student must demonstrate the ability to carry out scientific studies and to follow guidelines in the chosen training area


The thesis is an academic work Stricto sensu that matters in unpublished contribution to the knowledge and aims at obtaining the academic degree of doctor

The doctorate must defend an idea, a method, a discovery, a conclusion obtained from an exhaustive research and scientific work.