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Kendo Katas Manual - Kendo (剣道, kendō, lit. "sword way") is a traditional Japanese martial art, which descended from swordsmanship and uses bamboo swords and protective armour ().Today, it is widely practiced within Japan and many other nations across the world. Kendo is an activity that combines martial arts practices and values with strenuous sport-like physical activity.. New Years Message from D'Orangeville-sensei Posted December 27, 2018. In a few days, all of us members of the Canadian Kendo Federation and related Arts (Iaido and Jodo) across the country will gather with family, friends, and students to celebrate various events.. Iaido, art of the Japanese sword. An introduction to Iaido to the prospective student "As you yourselves have often certainly experienced, a warrior especially needs these three things--he must guard his person with strength, shrewdness and care; he must be free in his movements, and he must be quick to draw his sword.".

Taekwondo common words and phrases / Korean Terminology Some common words and phrases you will encounter as you progress in your taekwondo. Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu Techniques. This hyoho (an alternative pronunciation of heiho, or strategy) was taught to me on Tuesday, May 20, 1997 in Guelph, Ontario, by Matsuo Haruna, chief instructor at the Musashi Dojo in Ohara, Okayama-ken.I was one of eight in this Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu Kenjutsu class (Musashi's Daisho or two-sword school).. Way of the Short Staff Self-Defense Arts and Fitness Exercises Using a Short Wooden Staff Cane, Walking Stick, Jo, Zhang, Guai Gun, Four Foot Staff, Hiking Staff Whip.

I love getting e-mails from Karate enthusiasts all over the world. In fact, I get them almost every day. So, naturally, a couple of topics keep poppin’ up in the subject line from time to time. One of which I planned on dealing with right here, right now. To make a long intro short, take a quick. Some Shotokan Karate dude once told me I was a “style-basher”. You know, one of those ignoramuses who goes around loudly declaring how all other styles of. A Dance Battler is someone who looks like they're dancing when they fight. While this might seem strange, it really isn't all that far fetched. Being a good dancer requires agility, flexibility, coordination, and good reflexes, all things that go a long way in a fight as well. Plus, it looks cool.

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(PDF) Dynamic Simulation of Japanese Swords During Performing Parrying in Kendo  Kata
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PDF) Dynamic Simulation of Japanese Swords During Performing ... (PDF) Dynamic Simulation of Japanese Swords During Performing Parrying in Kendo Kata

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